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Xango Desert

Well, my search for a xango recipe did not produce an authentic recipe. I did find a copycat recipe for Applebee’s Chimicheesecake, but the first batch was a flop. Since my daughter Kendra was counting on me to make Xangos for her birthday dinner, I scrambled to modify the copycat recipe (Source: and this is what I came up with. All I did really was increase the cream cheese and change the apples to pie filling. I added a little bit more sugar and an extra egg and a little more flour. Come to think of it, I added some “chilling” to the process as well. My critics (Sarah, Kendra, Ashley, Buck and Melissa) said that I hit the mark!

What are Xangos? I am not referring to the Mangosteen fruit juice in which some like to mix with rum (although such a drink would have been welcomed when I was struggling with the first batch!). Xango is a Mexican dessert that has a cream cheese mix that is rolled in a tortilla and then deep fried. Well, I’m kind of guessing because, although a favorite in many Mexican restaurants, most recipes are carefully guarded and not readily available. If you want to try homemade Xangos, I think that you will enjoy this recipe. They were a hit as desert for Kendra’s birthday, and I have been informed that they are well worth doing again.

This recipe is party size! Put leftovers in the refrigerator and just later warm them in the microwave.

Category: Desert
Prep Time: Approximately 1 1/2 Hours
Cooking Style: Deep Fry and Bake
Complexity: Easy
Servings: 10-20
Date: March 7, 2009



Flour Tortillas

Size is 6 1/2 inch



Cream Cheese

Room temperature



Apple Pie Filling

See SMART POINTS for another flavorful idea!

1 1/4












Vanilla Extract



Almond Toffee Pieces

Optional-I didn’t use



Ground Cinnamon



Caramel Topping (Bottle)

Peanut Oil, Refined

See SMART POINTS for cooking oil cautions/selection



Vanilla Ice Cream


1. Cooking Oil Caution/Selection: I chose peanut oil because it has a high smoke point. In other words, the oil can be heated to a much higher temperature before it smokes or burns. For the Xangos, I wanted a very hot oil so I could deep fry the Xangos quickly—or have them golden brown within seconds! Doing so avoids an oily or soggy desert!

I just realized that if you do use the peanut oil, be certain that anyone consuming the Xangos does not have a peanut allergy. I read that cooking in refined peanut oils rarely causes an allergic reactions in those with nut allergies (Source:, but I strongly urge you to avoid cooking in peanut oil if one of your guests has a nut allergy. Unrefined peanut oils (i.e. gourmet peanut oil) are extremely dangerous for those with nut allergies; foods cooked in the unrefined oils could cause a severe reaction. Even poorly refined peanut oils could cause a severe reaction. If you are uncertain whether your guests have a nut allergy, then I strongly recommend avoiding the use of peanut oil. Find a substitute with a high smoke point. I found a website that lists smoke points for cooking oils (see: It appears that refined safflower oil has a similar smoke point as peanut oil and is known for being flavorless and colorless. I may choose safflower oil next time myself based on what I read.

2. Banana Xangos: Although these Xangos are made with apple filling, I read that others use bananas in Xangos. Someday I plan to do this same recipe but substitute three ripened bananas for the apple filling. Instead of caramel, I plan to drizzle melted fudge topping over the xangos.

Preparing Xangos for Cooking:

1. Using an electric beater, beat the cream cheese until fluffy and then add 3/4 cup of sugar, the eggs, flour and vanilla extract. Beat mixture until it’s well blended.

2. Fold in the apple pie filling (and optional almond toffee pieces, if using) into the cheese mixture. Don’t use the electric mixer; mix well with spoon and chop the bigger apple pieces as you mix.

3. Place bowl in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to firm up some.

Preparing Topping and Filling Xangos:

4. While filling is in the freezer, mix the remaining1/2 cup of sugar and cinnamon and set aside.

5. Remove the filling from the freezer and on each tortilla, spoon filling into the center (approximately 1 1/2 tablespoons…enough to fill, but not too much that you won’t be to seal the xangos). Fold one side over to the center, and slightly press the filling to distribute it evenly under the fold. Then fold the left and right sides in and roll to seal the cheese mixture into the tortilla. So, what you end up with is like a small cream cheese filled burrito. Sides are tucked in to prevent leakage.

6. Put the Xangos in the freezer to firm up the centers.


7. If you have a deep fryer, heat peanut oil in deep fryer. If you don’t have a deep fryer, grab a medium sized pot and add approximately 3-4 inches of oil. Heat oil to a deep frying temperature, but not to the point of smoking.

8. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

9. Remove the Xangos from the freezer. If you are using a deep fryer with a basket, set several Xangos in the basket with the fold side down. SLOWLY submerge basket into the oil. If you go to fast, the xango will open up or blow up like a balloon. Deep fry the xango until it is a slight golden brown. They brown quickly if the oil is at the correct temperature…maybe 20-30 seconds if I recall correctly.

I used the pot method. I grabbed the xango with metal tongs and slowly submerged the xango into the oil. I was able to hold the xango closed, or in other words, prevent it from unwrapping. Deep fry the xango until it is a slight golden brown.

Remove the xango from the oil, let excess oil drip back into the pot/deep fryer and set the xango on a cookie sheet.

10. Once all the Xangos have been deep fried, place the cookie sheet with all the Xangos into the oven and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. I found that 20 minutes was perfect.

11. Remove Xangos from the oven and sprinkle the sugar/cinnamon mixture over the Xangos.

12. Let the Xangos cool for 10-15 minutes and then drizzle the caramel topping over each xango.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream!


Shef D

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  1. My husband had a banana xango at a local restaurant and LOVED it. I, like you, turned to the internet in search of it and most of my searches kept bringing me back to your searches! Congratulations for coming up with a good recipe; I'll try it. I also tried another angle by mispelling it as "zango" and immediately found what I think we were originally looking for at . I'll give this one a try too. Thanks for the help on this one!